BMI Indie Spotlight: Flipturn

Posted in News on March 17, 2021

Flipturn began in 2015 as a group of high school classmates with a shared love of live music in the small island town of Fernandina Beach, FL. The chemistry from their first garage rehearsal was undeniable and sharing that magnetic energy with crowds through live performance seemed inevitable. Comprised of Dillon Basse, Tristan Duncan, and Madeline Jarman, Flipturn is unique in that they feature strong female and male personalities. Their music—containing stories of self-actualization, fulfillment, and human needs—has spread to a national and international audience of music lovers through organic grassroots efforts, and they have amassed nearly 400K monthly listeners on Spotify with their songs like “August,” “Chicago,” and “Vanilla.” Prior to the pandemic, Flipturn sold out 500-capacity venues, played the Okeechobee Music Festival, and opened shows for bands like Saint Motel, Japanese Breakfast, Magic City Hippies, and Mt. Joy. Their EPs include 2017’s Heavy Colors, 2018’s Citrona, and 2020’s Something You Needed, and they plan to return to the studio in April to write and record their first ever full-length record. In the meantime, their four-track Live at Sugarshack Sessions EP is available to stream now.

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