BMI and NYU Lead Another Successful TV Scoring Workshop

Posted in News on June 28, 2021
Pictured is BMI composer Rob Simonsen.
Pictured is BMI composer Rob Simonsen.

On June 9, members of BMI’s Film, TV & Visual Media team joined composer Rob Simonsen as he gave insights to NYU students about his career in the industry during the annual BMI/NYU TV Scoring Workshop. The workshop, which was hosted by Ron Sadoff, professor and Director of Screen Scoring at NYU, also gave students the opportunity to re-score a scene from one of four existing films that included Arrival (2016), The New Mutants (2020), Ready Player One (2018) and Get Out (2017). Simonsen then gave thoughtful critiques and advice on each aspiring composer’s work, which was eagerly received.

The workshop, which ran for two weeks, also featured presentations and critiques from BMI composers Nathan Barr, Ariel Marx, Mac Quayle, Blake Neely, Lolita Ritmanis and Sean Callery. In addition to these presentations, BMI Senior Director, Film, TV & Visual Media, Reema Iqbal, gave a presentation on BMI and PROs in general, detailing how to make sure composers’ works are properly registered. BMI Vice President, Film, TV & Visual Media, Natalie Baartz, also interviewed composer Joe Wong about his experiences in the industry, which included giving career advice to the workshop attendees. NYU faculty also joined the conversation.


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