Latin Girls Rock Out at BMI Showcase

Posted in News on August 15, 2006
BMI presented a new generation of female talent at its Latin Alternative showcase held recently at S.O.B.'s in New York City. Rocking the stage were songstresses Sacha Nairobi, Tatiana Klauss and Coral, along with New York rock band Julissa.

Sacha Nairobi

Sponsors for the showcase, which took place during the week of the Latin Alternative Music Conference, included, El Especial & El Especialito, Gibson, and Tequila Cuervo.

BMI's Del Bryant, Sacha Nairobi, Sandra Dohne and BMI's Porfirio Piña

Hailing from Miami, Sacha Nairobi is a songwriter who lives and breathes through music. A real treat to watch on stage, she practically bursts with the energy of each second of her songs. Each melody, unique and fresh, is executed as a Latin symphony by Sacha's talented band.

German Ortiz, Sacha Nairobi, Julissa and BMI's Del Bryant

Leading the way with an adolescent desire to conquer the world, Tatiana Klauss wakes you up with a painless slap in the face. With a mix of sweet irony and tender aggressiveness, this 17-year-old bewitches and makes you an accomplice in a distorted universe.

Tatiana Klauss

A force to be reckoned with, singer/songwriter Coral left her native Argentina at the age of 16 to make her presence known in the American Latin rock scene. Her talent, charisma and beauty are the elements behind performances that are nothing short of mesmerizing.


Described by many as the Latin No Doubt, New York rock band Julissa's objective has been primarily to write and perform their own original pop/rock/alternative music with a Latin feel and sound that could appeal to any and all musical tastes and audiences. Full of energy, Julissa hopes to break barriers by appealing to anyone who simply appreciates music that you can dance or bob to.

Julissa, BMI's Porfirio Piña and KMW's Kevin K

BMI's Porfirio Piña and KMW's Kevin K


Alejandro Lagrotta, Julissa, Tatiana Klauss, BMI's Porfirio Piña, Coral, and BMI's Delia Orjuela and Del Bryant

Alejandro Lagrotta


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