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Well, they're hardly the Partridge Family, but they are three siblings traveling the country in a tour bus. The Loeffler brothers — drummer Sam, vocalist/guitarist Pete and bassist Joe — formed Chevelle in their Chicago hometown in 1995. With influences that include Tool and Helmet, their moody yet aggressive style came with emotive lyrics, and in 1999, Chevelle released Point #1 , helmed by super-producer Steve Albini of Nirvana fame.

Tours with Filter and Sevendust followed, and in 2002 Epic Records took note, inking the trio to a deal and releasing Wonder What’s Next . What's next was platinum CD sales and hit singles for Chevelle, including "Send the Pain Below," a nomination as Billboard Modern Rock Artist of the Year, and a spot on Ozzfest's main stage in 2003.

Chevelle's most recent outing was a live CD, an unusual move for a relatively new band. But Sam explains the raison d'etre behind 2003's Live From the Road : "This live record was a time capsule to what we have been doing and what we have been sounding like up to this point. Things will be changing as we go into writing our next record. So this was an important thing for us to get down." In 2003, yet another live Chevelle outing hit, the Live At The Norva DVD, which chronicles a day in the life of the band on tour.

The Loeffler brothers are currently home in the Windy City. While fans may be "wondering what's next," Chevelle will not disappoint, as Sam assures: "We have been hard at work in our studio, diligently writing songs for the new record. It's going well, and it's really nice to have our own place to work and not bother anyone, no matter what time of day or night it is!"