Posted in News on June 11, 2002

BMI songwriters and Sony Mexico recording artists Genitallica stopped by BMI's LA office to say hello and play some new music. The group is in Los Angeles to work on their new record, which is being produced by Scott Ralston (311, No Doubt, KISS). Shown are (standing): BMI's Cheryl Dickerson, Myles Lewis, Ellen Ratner, Paige Sober, Raymond Justice, Delia Orjuela, Lindsay Little, Steve Frangadakis, Elina Peterson, Carlett Boseman and Noelle Michon, Genitallica's Gil, and BMI's Ivanne Deneroff and Gideon Black. (Sitting): Genitallica's Antulio, Andres and Gallo, manager Ricardo Haas, BMI's Barbara Cane and Genitallica's Beno.

photo: Hanna Bolte

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