Slimy Nuggetz

Posted in MusicWorld on January 2, 2002 by

Formed in the summer of 1999 in Mayaguez, Puerto Rico, Slimy Nuggetz started playing in local clubs on the west end of the island. Their unique blend of hip-hop/funk and rap lyrics, combined with big attitude, drew legions of fans, placing them in the spotlight on the Puerto Rican music scene. After a year of playing together, the band had 15 original songs and decided to head to the studio. The result was 4:20 (Tenet Records), which was released around the island and in certain areas of the U.S.

Slimy Nuggetz delivers a powerful, non-stop live performance and have been featured at some of the biggest shows on the island, including the Rocka Tour, the Coors Light Extreme Silver Summer and Extravaganza, and the Panasonic Sports and Music Festival. Thanks to local magazines like Noctambulo and Tiempos and local TV shows such as Tarde en la noche con Luis Gonzalez and Frente Sonico, Slimy Nuggetz was able to break out in the sometimes-difficult music circle in Puerto Rico.

The band also went on an independent tour in Chicago to promote their album and played with local bands like Five Pointe O, Withdrawal, Subringor, Against My Religion and others. They have also had their music included in local island movies like the surf film, Rabia Local, and were recently featured on the soundtrack to the popular Puerto Rican movie 12 Horas.

Slimy Nuggetz hope to reach international fans throughout the U.S. and Latin America with their next album, currently being recorded. For now, look out for Slimy Nuggetz on the soon-to-be-released Universal Records' compilation CD that will also include songs from Godsmack, Powerman 5000, Biohazard, Puya, Papa Roach, Sol D Menta and others.