Top Talent on Tap for Nadine’s Wild Weekend

Posted in News on July 31, 2001

Nadine's Wild Weekend (NWW), Northern California's favorite music event devoted exclusively to Northern California music, announces the band and venue lineup for this year's showcases. With just a little over two weeks until the August 16 kick-off show at the Fillmore, NWW, sponsored by BMI, is bigger than ever before and features 135 hot up-and-coming bands from Reno to Monterey in 30 shows.

Condon's showcases have become known in the music industry as "the" event to find talented unsigned acts in the San Francisco Bay Area. NWW launches with a showcase of formerly unsigned artists that have participated in past Weekends who have gone on to land major label deals. The last Wild Weekend featured band was Stroke 9, who has gone on to sell a million albums. Similarly, almost every Bay Area band signed to a major label is charting right now, from Train to Smash Mouth to CAKE, which reflects the continued strength of the Bay Area music scene.

“The bands playing the Fillmore represent the next wave in this history of success, and the bands in the clubs are the wave after,” says Condon. “I am confident that the talent playing NWW will be heard on the radio and seen on MTV in the near future.”

Despite last year's rehearsal hall closings, and the downturn in activity, Condon believes the local music scene is as viable now as ever. "Most bands I know continued to write new songs and rehearse together during last year's upheaval. That persistence has paid off now. Additionally, the appearance of new clubs like the Pound, The Voodoo Lounge, Broadway Studios and Kimos, as well as the expanded booking of the Justice League and renovation of the DNA Lounge, shows a renewed interest in live music,” remarks Condon

This year's Fillmore lineup includes Spike 1000, The K.G.B. and Vegas DeMilo, with teen sensation The Moss Brothers in the opening slot.

Spike 1000, long time San Francisco favorites who will close the Fillmore show, has recently concluded the national "Pain & Suffering" tour. Their Columbia/Portrait debut Waste of Skin will be released in the fall, and the Fillmore show serves as their official homecoming.

Oakland's The K.G.B., signed to Dreamworks by label president Michael Ostin, debuts September 18 with a self-titled album produced by famed drummer Michael Urbano (now with Smash Mouth). They were recently featured in the Tom Green movie Road Trip and opened for Third Eye Blind on several amphitheater dates. Vegas DeMilo's (Pinch Hit Records) mix of samples, loops, keyboards, and fuzzed out guitars has made them one of the leaders in San Francisco's "Rocktronica" underground. Their new album, Motel California, will be out August 14. Billboard’s “Continental Drift” calls this band's previous release a "sterling recording that's on the verge of a national breakthrough."

Opening up the show is The Moss Brothers - who have been taken under the wing of former Metallica bassist Jason Newsted. Moss Brothers are 12-year-old vocalist Ruben Moss and his 15-year-old brother Evan Moss on drums. Their latest album Electricitation features Newsted on bass and has already landed radio airplay including regularly played tracks on KFOG and Alice radio stations. The Moss Brothers will be featured next month on MTV's "Who Knows The Band" game show. Additionally, Ruben is the youngest musician ever to be endorsed by Fender guitars. The Moss Brothers will feature 14-year-old Kyle Wilson on bass for the band's NWW showcase.

Friday's show highlights include: Industry buzz bands VIV and Triple7 with a full contingent of rockers at the Paradise Lounge; Latin rock sensation Orixa, with Lean and Moodstack at the Justice League; roots and alt/country with Mover at Broadway Studios; alternative darlings Persephone's Bees and Glitter Mini 9 at Tongue and Groove, with stunning teen sisters Kelly and Kamille opening early; an all ages show at the Pound; electronica and DJs from Stray Records at 111 Minna; and internet favorite Beth Waters at the Hotel Utah. Other participating clubs are: 330 Ritch Street; Canvas Cafe; Dolores Park Cafe; Edinburgh Castle; Kimo's; Last Day Saloon the Red Devil Lounge and the Voodoo Lounge.

Saturday's show highlights include: San Francisco rock legends the Mermen headlining the Justice League featuring Prairie Prince on drums; a daytime punk blowout at the Pound with Adeline Records band Fetish, plus Stunt Monkey and 7 others; rock goddess Storm Inc., headlining the Pound evening show; Bandsummit showcase at the Tongue and Groove; afternoon and evening shows at the Voodoo Lounge, including Vagabond Lovers (formerly the Naked Barbies); glam rock at the Paradise Lounge, and a typically eclectic line up at Bruno's. Other participating clubs are: Canvas Cafe; Hotel Utah; Kimo's; Last Day Saloon, Red Devil Lounge; and the Tempest.

Sunday closes Nadine’s Wild Weekend with the laconically hip Future Farmer's showcase at the afternoon BBQ at the Bottom of the Hill and closing party at the DNA.

In addition to celebrating Bay Area music, and in keeping with Condon’s philosophy of community service, NWW will benefit the SIBL Project (Songs Inspired By Literature), which funds 26 Bay Area adult literacy programs through songwriting efforts. A special compilation of NWW bands will be for sale at all venues to benefit SIBL.

About Nadine's Wild Weekend
Founded in 1998 by Nadine Condon -- San Francisco’s "Godmother of Rock" -- Nadine's Wild Weekend is Northern California's favorite event devoted exclusively to local music, the community and creativity in all its forms. Nadine, born in Louisville, KY, started working in the Bay Area music industry in 1978, and soon started working for the Jefferson Starship. Over 20 years later, Nadine has been instrumental in the successes of some of today's hottest acts. With 14 gold and platinum records to her credit, she has helped shape the careers from a variety of artists including current chart popsters Stroke 9, Train, Third Eye Blind and Smash Mouth, to career superstars like Melissa Etheridge, Travis Tritt and the Jefferson Starship.


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