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Choreographer, dancer, teacher, music producer, director, actor, songwriter and recording artist: Does the title "entertainer" have room for all these roles? It does for Wade Robson.


Robson began his career imitating Michael Jackson, and has now advanced to choreographing and remixing for Britney Spears's recent Pepsi commercial as well as her videos, live tours, and awards show performances. Other musicians who benefit from his talent and creative vision include his idol and mentor Michael Jackson, Mandy Moore, Usher, Mya, Pink, Tyrese, Janet Jackson, Youngstown and other notable artists. His latest efforts consist of helping *NSYNC develop their new album Celebrity and 2001 Pop Odyssey Tour. He co-wrote and produced several of the tracks, like the ballad "Gone," but Robson won't remain content with enhancing other artists' careers; he wants his time in the limelight as well.

Robson's first foray as a musician in the youthful rap group Quo left him unenthusiastic about returning to the recording studio as a performer, but seven years can transform apathy into aspiration. Describing himself as an edgier Will Smith, Robson draws on his experiences with hip-hop, r&b and rap to create a pop sound rivaling those of his current clients. The album will debut once his demanding schedule allows him to finish it.

As for the future, Robson hints at directing movies and possibly bringing the musical to a broader audience. But for now, the pop world has a hold of this 18-year-old entertainer and won't let go anytime soon.


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