BMI Film Conducting Workshop

The BMI Conducting Workshop is a two-week course taught by conductor/composer Lucas Richman. Designed for composers who wish to refine their conducting skills, the free annual workshop is limited to eight BMI-affiliated professional film and television composers.

September 11, 2020
Record Number of Composers Hone Their Skills in BMI’s Conducting Workshop for Visual Media Composers

August 27, 2019
BMI Mentors Emerging Visual Media Composers with Conducting Workshop Led by Lucas Richman

July 24, 2018
Award-Winning Conductor/Composer Lucas Richman Completes BMI’s 21st Annual Conducting Workshop

July 28, 2017
Award-Winning Composer Lucas Richman Completes 20th Annual Conducting Workshop for BMI

August 30, 2016
BMI Completes Annual Workshop With Award-Winning Conductor/Composer Lucas Richman

August 21, 2015
BMI and Lucas Richman Host 18th Annual Conducting Workshop

July 5, 2014
BMI and Lucas Richman Host 17th Annual BMI Conducting Workshop Series

June 22, 2013
BMI Concludes 16th Edition of Conducting Workshop Series

August 16, 2012
BMI and Lucas Richman Wrap Up Another Outstanding Conducting Workshop

August 23, 2011
BMI Nurtures Art of Conducting at 14th Annual Conducting for the Film Composer Workshop

August 17, 2010
BMI Presents 13th Annual Conductors Workshop Series

August 13, 2009
12th Annual Conducting Workshop Continues Acclaimed BMI Tradition

July 27, 2008
BMI’s Conducting for the Film Composer Workshop Completes Another Successful Course

July 27, 2007
BMI Conducting Workshop Celebrates Ten Years of Honing Talent

May 27, 2007
BMI Conducting Workshop Begins 10th Year

August 8, 2006
BMI Conducting Workshop Completes Ninth Year

July 28, 2005
8th Annual BMI Conducting Workshop Kicks Off Aug. 5 in LA

August 3, 2004
BMI Sponsors 7th Annual Film Conducting Workshop

August 14, 2002
Film, TV Composers Refine Skills at BMI Film Conducting Workshop

July 22, 2001
Film Conducting Workshop Helps BMI Composers Refine Skills