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BMI Congratulates the 41st Annual ANNIE Awards Nominees


From News, posted 12.12.13 Awards season is in full swing and the nominations Read more...

BMI Nurtures Art of Conducting at 14th Annual Conducting for the Film Composer Workshop


From News, posted 8.23.11 BMI continued to celebrate and nurture the art of Read more...

BMI Presents 13th Annual Conductors Workshop Series


From News, posted 8.17.10 BMI continued to celebrate the art of conducting b Read more...

Guy Moon and Butch Hartman: Sassy Sounds for Quick-Cut Capers


From MusicWorld, posted 2.26.09 If you have kids -- or perhaps a childlike penchan Read more...

Guy Moon: Guy Moon at the 2010 BMI Film Conducting Workshop

Captured at 2010 Conducting for the Film Composer workshop

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