BMI Travels to Jamaica to Talk Performing Rights with Caribbean Sister Societies ACCS


November 13, 2017

Pictured (L-R) are: IFPI’s Javier Sensio, ECCO’s Shayne Ross, COTT’s Ayanna Lewis, JACAP’s Paul Barclay, JAMCOPY’s Cynthia Newman, JACAP’s Lydia Rose, ECCO’s Steve Etienne, COSCAP’s Erica Smith, PRS’s Liam Donnelly, SOCAN’s Anthony Gentili, COSCAP’s Ottie Mieres, BMI’s Tynia Coats, COSCAP’s Damian Bowen and Jamaica’s Intellectual Property Officer Marcus Goffee.

BMI’s Tynia Coats recently traveled to Jamaica to attend the annual meeting of the Association of Caribbean Copyright Societies (ACCS). ACCS members include BMI sister societies COSCAP of Barbados, COTT of Trinidad and Tobago, ECCO of the Eastern Caribbean, and JACAP of Jamaica. Representatives from the U.K. society PRS, Canadian society SOCAN, and Jamaica’s Intellectual Property Office attended as well. During the meeting, the teams discussed the Caribbean’s rich musical culture and contributions, along with potential ways to work together to strengthen copyright law in their territories and to strengthen their roles in the global marketplace.

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