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Jun 15, 2022 BMI was visited by our colleagues from Australia. Left to right: Evelyn Morgan (BMI), Jonathan Carter (APRA) Andrew Harris (APRA), Richard Davison (APRA), Dean Ormiston (APRA CEO), Ann Sweeney, Das Shouvik, John Coletta, Evan Parness (BMI) View Photo

Mar 13, 2022 BMI International was delighted to host our colleagues from MSG in Turkey at the New York office. Left to Right: Ferhat Gocer (MSG President), Bengu Firuz (MSG International Relations Manager), Evelyn Morgan, John Coletta, Hope Lloyd (BMI). View Photo

Oct 09, 2019 Members of the JASRAC team recently paid a visit to BMI's International Department in New York. Pictured (L-R) are: BMI’s Evelyn Morgan; JASRAC’s Sub-chief, Broadcast Media Section, Haruna Ikeda; Sub-chief, Digital Media Section, Narutoshi Yoshida; Manager, Transmission rights Department, Atsushi Maekawa; and International Relations, Ryuta Toya; and BMI’s Ann Sweeney; John Coletta; and Jade Brown. View Photo

Nov 13, 2017

Pictured (L-R) are: IFPI’s Javier Sensio, ECCO’s Shayne Ross, COTT’s Ayanna Lewis, JACAP’s Paul Barclay, JAMCOPY’s Cynthia Newman, JACAP’s Lydia Rose, ECCO’s Steve Etienne, COSCAP’s Erica Smith, PRS’s Liam Donnelly, SOCAN’s Anthony Gentili, COSCAP’s Ottie Mieres, BMI’s Tynia Coats, COSCAP’s Damian Bowen and Jamaica’s Intellectual Property Officer Marcus Goffee.

BMI’s Tynia Coats recently traveled to Jamaica to attend the annual… View Photo

Nov 10, 2017 BMI’s sister society KOMCA (Korea Music Copyright Association) recently visited BMI’s New York office for a training session. KOMCA board members along with the heads of their International, Licensing, Legal Affairs, Public Relations, Distribution, Broadcasting, Member Services, Online/Mobile, and Copyright Management teams met with BMI’s Ann Sweeney, Tynia Coats, Saodat Khakimova, Jennifer Devitt, John Coletta, Jose Gonzalez, and Alison Smith… View Photo

Oct 21, 2017 BMI’s Doreen Ringer-Ross can’t help but smile in this photo with mischievous BMI composer Terence Blanchard and World Soundtrack Lifetime Achievement Award winner David Shire. View Photo

Oct 21, 2017 World Soundtrack Lifetime Achievement Award winner David Shire is humbled by his standing ovation as his wife, Didi Conn, looks on. View Photo

Oct 21, 2017 World Soundtrack Lifetime Achievement Award winner David Shire embraces his wife, Didi Con, before accepting his award. View Photo

Oct 21, 2017 Pictured (R) is World Soundtrack Lifetime Achievement Award winner David Shire starting to address the audience. View Photo

Oct 21, 2017 World Soundtrack Award Central Guest of Honor Terance Blanchard performs during the concert. View Photo

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