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BMI Wins Favorable Ruling Against RMLC’s Attempted Joint Rate Court Proceeding


From News, posted 5.31.23. BMI has prevailed in its motion to prevent the Radio Music Licensing Committee (RMLC) from relying on a mischaracterization of the Music Modernization Act (MMA) to commence a joint rate court proceeding against BMI and ASCAP before a single Judge.  On Friday, May 26, the Hon. Louis L. Stanton (Southern… Read more...

2023 BMI Christian Awards to Recognize Top Songwriters and Publishers on June 20th


From News, posted 5.23.23. BMI announced today the 2023 BMI Christian Awards, which will take place at the organization’s Nashville location on June 20. Hosted by BMI’s AVP, Creative, Nashville, Leslie Roberts, BMI’s President & CEO, Mike O’Neill, and BMI’s VP, Creative, Nashville, Clay Bradley, the night will celebrate the top songs and music… Read more...

The Pros & Cons of Clichés


From MusicWorld, posted 4.20.23. As a lyricist, I’m always on the lookout in my own writing for what I would call “lazy language.” What I mean by this is a part of a lyric that feels clichéd. The problem, specifically, is that we’re only given a certain number of lines of lyric to convey… Read more...

How to Get Your Music on Playlists: Demystifying the Process


From MusicWorld, posted 4.20.23. When I started teaching workshops for aspiring recording artists and songwriters more than 30 years ago, signing with a major record label was the only way for artists to reach a wide audience. Without a major label to provide distribution to record stores, radio promotion, and financing for videos, most… Read more...

BMI Wins Massive Victory for Songwriters, Composers & Publishers for Live Concert Rates


From News, posted 3.28.23. In a decision that ends decades of below-market rates for songwriters, composers and publishers in the live concert industry, the Honorable Louis L. Stanton of the Southern District of New York today issued a decision in favor of BMI in its rate court dispute with Live Nation, AEG and the… Read more...

BMI Presents at the Bluebird Café Features Singer/Songwriters from Major Bob Publishing


From News, posted 3.02.23. On Tuesday night, BMI at the Bluebird Café highlighted songwriters from independent Nashville-based Major Bob Publishing, including Josh Grider, Gunnar Latham, and Zach Top, who each gave their own acoustic salutes to country music. New Mexico native Josh Grider played songs that he wrote… Read more...

BMI Presents “New Faces of Nashville” 2023 Kickoff Show at the Bluebird Cafe


From News, posted 2.02.23. BMI kicked off its 2023 Bluebird Cafe showcase series Tuesday night, with a “New Faces of Nashville” themed set of performances. The legendary stage hosted Nashville newcomers Tony Evans Jr., Harper Grae, and Lindsey Hinkle. Lindsey Hinkle started out the evening performing in her Bluebird Cafe debut. The self-taught musician… Read more...

Are Your Songs Hitting the Right Target?


From MusicWorld, posted 1.26.23. When I critique songs at my workshops, I always begin by asking the writers to share their intention for their song. For example, a song might be intended solely for self-expression or catharsis. Another song might be written by a performing songwriter to include on their own recording project, while… Read more...

Jelly Roll Celebrates First Country Radio #1


From News, posted 1.23.23. On Wednesday night, friends, family, and the Nashville music community celebrated the success of “Son of a Sinner,” the first number one hit from Nashville native, Jelly Roll (Jason DeFord). The event, hosted by BMI at our Music Row offices, honored Jelly Roll and his co-writers, Ernest K. Smith and… Read more...

BMI Presents at the Bluebird Cafe Wraps 2022 Season with War and Treaty


From News, posted 12.07.22. BMI wrapped up its 2022 season BMI Presents at the Bluebird Cafe shows with the iconic husband and wife duo, War and Treaty. The pair, Michael Trotter Jr. and Tanya Trotter, have been musical partners for several years, writing about and honoring our soldiers and their dedication to protect our… Read more...

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