Steve Stapley

Posted in MusicWorld on August 16, 2006

Steve Stapley is a prolific singer-songwriter. Born in London, England, Steve started out as a writer and recording artist at DJM. He left London in the 1980s to write and perform in Los Angeles, Nashville and New York. Now living with his wife (American born singer Lynda Hayes) and two children in Northamptonshire, England, Steve co-runs multimedia productioncompany, Paydirt Productions Ltd. 

Currently working in film, TV, advertising, record production, songwriting and live performance, he says, “I stopped writing songs for a couple of years to get a humorous novel and a depressing play out of my system. It was the best thing I could have done. Returning to songwriting with a fresh head on my shoulders has not only made me feel predominantly sane, but has also made me realize that the possibilities are limitless. I’m on a roll.”