peermusic Latin Scholarship: Rebecca Lopez

Posted in News on March 12, 2007

Born in Mexico City, Mexico, to a Mexican father and American mother, Rebecca Lopez was raised to love her culture and music. Encouraged by her mother from a very early age to sing and perform with her four siblings, Rebecca cannot remember a life without singing. In school growing up, she was always a member of the choirs and musical productions. It became evident that Rebecca was born a musician at heart when at age 4 she could be found singing and dancing around the house, or climbing up onto the piano bench to imitate her favorite melodies. Years later Rebecca discovered her love for music composition and songwriting.

During her last two years of high school she spent many hours a week at the piano developing this art. Then, upon entering as a Media Music major in the School of Music of Brigham Young University (BYU), she continued its development, along with a formal training in music. Along with the passion for songwriting, Rebecca is also embedded with the desire to express herself through singing and performing. Now a senior Media Music major at BYU, she has performed as a featured soloist for many different events in various vocal styles. Two of her recent joys include singing with a local mariachi band and being a member of her university’s multicultural performing and touring group, Living Legends.