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Posted in News on February 21, 2012
Sandy Vee
Sandy Vee

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Sandy Vee: “You’re a beatmaker? Cool. Just pick up a guitar or bass, and learn. You will need something else because we’re talking about music, not just beats.”

Xenia: “Being on ‘The Voice,’ especially having someone like Blake Shelton believe in me, gave me the confidence to just be me. I wasn’t afraid anymore.”

Craig Morgan: “The real prolific and sure-enough-making-a-living songwriters have taken their gift and enhanced it with education and spending time with others.”

Beatriz Luengo: “I write every day, but I never grab the guitar and say, ‘Ok, I’m going to write a song.’ It’s more that I live my life and in everyday things I get inspired.”

Steven Mackey: “For hundreds of years classical music has been renewing and strengthening itself by broadening its gene pool and I hope I am contributing to that breadth.”

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