Monte Negro Celebrate Their Debut Release at the Knitting Factory

Posted in News on September 19, 2008

Monte Negro celebrated the release of their new album, Cicatrix, their first full-length compilation, on Epic Records on August 7 at the Knitting Factory in Los Angeles. BMI’s Marissa Lopez was in attendance at the event where Monte Negro headlined, and BMI bands They May Fire and Asta Heights warmed up the crowd.

photo Monte Negro’s Kinski Gallo and Jason Li Shing; BMI’s Marissa Lopez; Monte Negro’s Javier Lopez and Rodax Gallo
photo They May Fire’s Cat Tasso; BMI’s Marissa Lopez; and They May Fire’s Pipe
photo Astra Height’s Mark Morales; BMI’s Marissa Lopez; and Astra Heights James Morales and Joshua Morales
photo Songwriter/producer Sebastian Krys; attorney Jeff Levin; Epic’s Jeff Wooding; BMI’s Marissa Lopez and sound engineer/producer Tone
photo Monte Negro on stage