Indie Spotlight: Young and Sick

Posted in News on April 22, 2013

Your average act they are not. Young & Sick have turned down six-figure recording deals in favor of a much more unconventional approach to distribution and promotion that has intrigued outlets like Forbes. Their new single, “Continuum,” is available for download only on the “TOR underweb,” an obscure system intended to enable online anonymity and with which the average user isn’t familiar. Thankfully, the rest of us can stream it on Soundcloud. Extremely private, Young & Sick don’t even have a Facebook or Twitter page, and their real names are not exactly out there. But what is widely known is that this Los Angeles-based music, fashion, and art project, which has designed album covers for Foster The People and Adam Levine and collaborated with fashion house Rag & Bone and retailer Urban Outfitters, is extremely talented. Check out their original apparel and artwork on their official site.