Indie Spotlight: Sarah Siskind

Posted in News on October 31, 2011

Bonnie Raitt: “She continues to be one of my favorite singers and songwriters. She absolutely knocks me out.” Bon Iver: “Sarah’s music changed my life.”

Sarah Siskind has toured with Bon Iver (he has also famously covered her “Lovin’s For Fools”) and The Swell Season, and received a Grammy nomination for Alison Krauss’s recording of her song “Simple Love.” In July of 2010, Sarah Siskind found herself thousands of miles from her Tennessee home in a small ranch house just outside of Boulder. Escaping the oppressive southern summer heat for six weeks, she took temporary roots in Colorado while teaching songwriting at a nearby festival and touring the southwest. Her intent was to finish writing the songs for her new album, Novel, during her downtime. The result is yet another breathlessly beautiful gem.