Indie Spotlight: Jhameel

Posted in News on January 4, 2012

Jhameel creates explosively funky music comprising soul-stirring guitar, immersive synthesizers, triumphant brass, and unique, melodic vocals inspired equally by Prince and Michael Jackson. An incredibly talented musician, Jhameel produces his own music, and plays each and every instrument on his records himself. In just two years Jhameel released two full-length albums, Jhameel and The Human Condition, a fun “Dance” EP, and recently dropped a collection of brand new songs called “Waves” in January 2012. Jhameel printed 500 limited edition copies of “Waves.” Each is a beautiful deluxe digipak, and the accompanying booklet contains all five high quality images, lyrics, liner notes, and a prologue. All the packaging is eco-friendly, pre-orders will autographed and sent out on January 9.

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