Indie Spotlight: Butterfly Boucher

Posted in News on December 17, 2009

It would be difficult to write a boring biography about Butterfly Boucher’s career to date. She spent her youth in Australia, growing up in a family that picked up roots every few months traveling the outback in a Toyota Corolla wagon and eventually up-grading to a small motor-home. She’s made records on three continents with various labels. And finally, with fans in her corner including Sarah McLachlan, stints in bands, acclaimed solo work, and a slot in the acclaimed Ten Out of Tenn Volume 2 crew, Boucher released her anticipated new album Scary Fragile, in June 2009 via her own imprint. Butterfly is radiating with positive energy, alive and happy. Talking to her feels like talking to a person who is just starting out. She’s completely reborn. Next up: more touring, featuring a coveted spot in Lilith Fair 2010.


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