Gary Cannizzo Elected Treasurer of BMI Foundation

Posted in News on February 26, 2009

Gary Cannizzo has been elected as a Director and Treasurer of the BMI Foundation, Inc. In his role as Treasurer, Cannizzo will oversee all aspects of finance and investments for the Foundation. Formed by BMI employees 29 years ago, the BMI Foundation sponsors a variety of programs designed to support music education, encourage talented young musicians in all genres of music, and to promote music in communities all across America. “While the BMI Foundation has luckily weathered the current financial storm unscathed, it is deeply comforting to me and to all our Foundation Directors to have Gary at the board table with us overseeing our finances and leading our investment strategy,” said BMI Foundation President Ralph N. Jackson. “Clearly, his years of experience and expertise will help insure the Foundation’s continued financial health and well-being.”

Cannizzo is Vice President and Controller at BMI, where he is responsible for the financial accounting and reporting area as well as the royalty accounting and imaging technology areas. After joining BMI’s New York office in 1988 as Director of Broadcast Accounting, he relocated to Nashville in 1995 with a promotion to Assistant Controller, Accounting, and was named Assistant Vice President, Financial Accounting in 1998 and Vice President, Financial Accounting & Imaging Technology in 2003. He previously worked for CBS Records (now Sony) in various positions, including implementing new technology and automated accounting systems. He received his Bachelor of Science degree from Brooklyn College.

Reelected Directors and Officers include Ralph N. Jackson, President; Robbin Ahrold, Vice President; Gary F. Roth, Vice President; Jean Banks, Secretary; Tom Annastas, Evelyn Buckstein, Samantha Cox, Linda Livingston and Porfirio Piña.

The BMI Foundation, Inc. is a not-for-profit corporation founded in 1985 to support the creation, performance and study of music through awards, scholarships, commissions and grants. Tax-deductible donations to the Foundation come primarily from songwriters, composers and publishers, BMI employees, and members of the public with a special interest in music. Because both the Foundation staff and the distinguished members of the advisory panel serve without compensation, over 95% of all donations and income are used for charitable grants.

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