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Posted in MusicWorld on September 5, 2007

Edgar Cortazar … a modern poet, Latin Grammy and BMI award winner who’s creations have touched the heart of superstars such as Luis Miguel, with whom he collaborated as a co-author on three songs of his multi platinum Grammy nominated “33” album and one song in his recently released and also multi-platinum RIAA certified “Grandes Exitos”, making him share credits with renowned songwriters like Armando Manzanero, Juan Carlos Calderon, Manuel Alejandro, Rudy Perez, Kike Santander and Juan Luis Guerra among others.

Born from a musical family, Edgar Cortazar has been influenced by art from generations behind. His grandfather, Ernesto Cortazar, composed most of Mexico’s popular music hits in the 40’s and 50’s which were recorded by the voice of Jorge Negrete and Pedro Infante among many others. Songs like “No Volveré”, “Ay Jalisco No Te Rajes”, “Cocula”, “Yo Soy Mexicano”, “La Chancla”, “El Apagón”, “Serenata Tapatía”, “Esos Altos De Jalisco” , “Amor Con Amor Se Paga”, “Prisionero Del Mar”, “Tequila Con Limón”, “Ansiedad”, “Fiesta Mexicana”, “Soy Puro Mexicano” and many, many others are part of the Cortazar family music catalog.

Edgar Cortazar’s father, Ernesto Cortazar Ducker, also kept the family tradition and legacy creating the background music for more than 600 movies in Mexico and his composing skills also gave numerous artists great hit songs in the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and today. Some of these artists include: Jose Jose, Manoella Torres, Alberto Vazquez, Marco Antonio Muñiz, Cesar Costa, Enrique Guzman, Alejandro Fernandez and Luis Miguel… today’s best known contemporary Latin recording artist.

As a lyricist, Edgar Cortazar has shared co-authorship with his father, Ernesto Cortazar Ducker, his brother Ernesto Cortazar, Alejandro Asensi, Scott Blevins, Denise Bradley, Claudia Brant, Lynette Brehm, Alejandro Carballo, Garry Corman, Steve Dorff, Johnson Enos, Maria Entraigues, Rafael Esparza-Ruiz, Anthony Fedorov, Ruy Folguera, Ismael Gallegos, Mauricio Guerrero, Ron Irving, Molly-Ann Leikin, Francisco Loyo, Salo Loyo, Victor Loyo, Ana Malhoa, Paulo Massadas, Tony Melendez, Juan Mesa, Luis Miguel, Ximena Muñoz, D. Pickell, Adrian Pieragostino, Mark Portmann, Michael Ripoll, Toby Sandoval, Stephony Smith, Jose Luis Terrazas, Irene Toumainen, T. Wong, and Antonio Zamora.

Edgar Cortazar’s Songs have been recorded by multiple artists such as:

Luis Miguel, Olga Tañon, Conjunto Primavera, Pablo Montero, Graciela Beltran, La Mafia, Grupo Montez de Durango, Horoscopos de Durango, Banda Machos, Salomon Robles, Chicos De Barrio, No-Pals, Alex Arellano, Grupo Prezisso, Priscilla y Sus Balas de Plata, Witchy’s Band, Los Reyes Del Camino, Ke-Zafados and Grupo La Onda among others in the first two years of his exclusive administration agreement with Warner-Tamerlane Music Corp.

Edgar Cortazar is also working Spanish lyric adaptations for authors like, Scott Blevins, Denise Bradley, Lynette Brehm, Garry Corman, Steve Dorff, Johnson Enos, Anthony Fedorov, Ron Irving, Molly-Ann Leikin, Michell Ripoll and Irene Toumainen among others, extending his artistic abilities to the International Music Market.

Edgar Cortazar’s singular style of singing and voice recording has made him become part of numerous music projects as a professional in the commercial scene. He has participated in numerous T.V., radio, and commercial voiceover campaigns with companies such as: Ford Motor Company, Disney, Chrysler, Telemundo, Univision and Frito Lay.

Edgar has also become part of many musical productions for the Disney Latin Music Division as a Composer / lead voice and background vocal professional singer.

Some of these productions are: Arrullo (Lullaby) 1996, Navidad Disney (Disney Christmas) 1996, Canciones de Viaje (Travel Songs) 1997, La Fiesta Dinosaurios (Dinosaur Party) 1998 and Multiplicando! (Multiplying!) 1998, among others.

As a professional singer, Edgar Cortazar has participated in the recording of more than 450 demo and full produced songs in different publishing companies and recording studios in the Los Angeles area.


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