CISAC Report Spotlights 2009 Royalty Growth

Posted in News on October 18, 2010

According to preliminary figures compiled by CISAC, the international organization representing copyright organizations, royalty collections for musical repertoire are up 1.1%, despite the continued decline of mechanical royalties (-9.3%). These results stem from a 3.9% increase in royalties for music performing rights, which remain the most significant source of authors’ rights royalties, representing 64.8% of total collections.

Early trends also show that the non-musical repertoires experienced significant growth of 12.1%, although this figure has been inflated by a retroactive one-off payment in 2009 to a single European visual arts society. Nevertheless, collections increased for the audiovisual (+3.2%) and literary repertoires (+25.6%).

CISAC forecasts that collections in all regions will have grown in 2009, pointing out that the 11.3% increase in the Asia-Pacific region was due primarily to the dramatic variation of the yen/euro exchange rate. Collections in Japan experienced a slight decline in local currency.

To meet the increasing demand for quantitative data on international royalty collections, CISAC has opted to publish preliminary figures on global royalty collections as the data is processed. CISAC’s objective is to provide these types of indicators sas quickly as possible on a regular basis in order to help its members better anticipate market trends.

The updated report is available as a downloadable pdf on the CISAC website. This second release is an update of the trends published in July 2010 with more refined data.

The full report and final analysis (based on collections voluntarily declared by all CISAC member societies and representing 100% of collections) will be published in December 2010.