BMI’s Inaugural ‘Content, Copyright & Commerce’ a Red-Letter Success

Posted in News on October 26, 2010
Photo: Arnold Turner

BMI’s inaugural “Content, Copyright & Commerce” symposium was held Wednesday, October 20 during Digital Hollywood Fall in Santa Monica. From digital start-up founders and the leaders of traditional media’s digital arms, to premier publishers and top legal minds, symposium panelists represented the promising forefront of digital innovation. Seats were hard to come by as each consecutive panel debated and discussed the possibilities of the digital sphere’s present and future in front of packed rooms.

Pictured above at the morning keynote during BMI’s “Content, Copyright & Commerce” symposium are Bob Lefsetz, “The Lefsetz Letter”; Michael Drexler, Senior Director, Business Development, New Media Licensing & Strategic Development, BMI; and Evan Lowenstein, CEO,