BMI, ASCAP Announce Launch of RapidCue Online Cue-Sheet Technology

Posted in News on August 14, 2007

BMI and ASCAP have announced RapidCue, a state-of-the-art cue sheet technology for the use of music in the film, TV and cable industries. RapidCue is a secured website that allows users to enter, manage and electronically submit music cue-sheet data for television, cable and film productions to BMI and ASCAP. A cue sheet is a document that lists data on all the music performed in a particular film or television program and constitutes the basis of payment of royalties for performances of music in audio/visual programming.

Jointly developed by BMI and ASCAP over the past four years and setting an industry standard, RapidCue allows users to electronically and securely submit cue sheets to the PROs and provide electronic notification and acknowledgement of receipt. Developed with the participation of the film, television production and television network communities, the program offers electronic or hard-copy versions of cue sheets, as well as the ability to revise data.

“This standard-setting system will cut down the submission and processing time for the film, TV and cable communities when submitting music data for their productions,” said Alison Smith, Senior Vice President, Performing Rights, BMI. “This secure, automated system will help ensure timely receipt to BMI and ASCAP so our composers, songwriter and publisher affiliates can be fairly compensated.”

“RapidCue provides a cost-effective, streamlined cue sheet process for film, television production companies and television networks,” said Al Wallace, Executive Vice President/COO, ASCAP. “At the same time, ASCAP members and BMI affiliates will benefit from the accuracy, timeliness and broader tracking of their music. We’re happy to be able to begin rolling this out to the community.”

Learn more about RapidCue.