BMI and SpiralFrog Complete Licensing Agreement

Posted in News on December 12, 2006

BMI has announced that it has completed a licensing agreement with broadband entertainment network SpiralFrog, a downloadable music website based on an advertising revenue model that will launch in early 2007 in the United States. Through its licensing agreement with BMI, SpiralFrog is able to legally use the more than 6.5 million musical works represented by BMI.

"Songwriters create the musical excitement that attracts the public to digital entertainment," said Del Bryant, BMI President & CEO. "SpiralFrog's fresh approach to offering music in an advertising-driven model opens an exciting new opportunity for the public to discover our music. We are pleased to be working with SpiralFrog as a BMI licensee to expand the opportunity for legitimate music distribution in the digital domain."

"SpiralFrog is enthusiastic about this license," said Joe Mohen, SpiralFrog Chairman and Founder. "It is only with support of industry leaders like BMI that we can help create market-driven solutions to internet piracy so that young people can get the music they want from legitimate sources. BMI has been a leader in licensing all genres of music since it was created in 1939, and now, just as it was then, it is taking the lead in granting new licenses on commercially reasonable terms. Their business solutions allow legitimate internet companies like ours to compete with pirate sites."

About SpiralFrog
SpiralFrog is the new online music destination offering advertising-supported legal downloads of audio and video content licensed from the catalogs of the world's leading record labels and from independents. SpiralFrog offers music-lovers a compelling alternative to illegal file-sharing and pirate sites, with a secure environment for them to satisfy their unyielding passion and thirst for music, entertainment, information and brands at no cost except for their time and attention. Headquartered in New York, SpiralFrog will launch its advertising-supported service in early 2007.