BMI Latin Spotlight: Midnight Generation

Posted in News on September 22, 2022

Midnight Generation is a four-piece band originally from Chihuahua, Mexico who blend funk, disco, and electropop sounds on hits like “Young Girl” and “Trouble.” Since their first release in 2015, Fernando, Samuel, Carlos, and Bica have amassed a devoted fanbase who have watched them light up festival stages (Festival Vaiven, Sol Arcadia, and Festival Coordenada) and open for acts like Camilo Séptimo, Chromeo, Sticky Fingers, and Plastilina Mosh. Now on the brink of their new album, Afterlife, MG has completely reinvented their energetic live show with updated visuals that take inspiration from Prince, Parcels, Daft Punk, and all things ‘80s. Afterlife will explore feelings of inspiration, love, catharsis, and more, and the first few singles from the project—”Wrong Call,” “Forever,” and “Starlight”—are out now.

Midnight Generation es una banda de cuatro de Chihuahua, México que combina sonidos de funk, disco y electropop en éxitos como “Young Girl” y “Trouble”. Desde su estreno en 2015, Fernando, Samuel, Carlos y Bica han atraído a dedicados fanáticos que los han visto animar muchedumbres en festivales (Festival Vaivén, Sol Arcadia y Festival Coordenada) y ser el preámbulo de conciertos de Camilo Séptimo, Chromeo, Sticky Fingers y Plastilina Mosh. A punto de sacar un nuevo álbum, Afterlife, MG ha reinventado completamente sus energéticas actuaciones en vivo con imágenes nuevas que se inspiran en Prince, Parcels, Daft Punk y la década de los 80. Afterlife explorará la inspiración, el amor, la catarsis y otros, y sus primeros singles, “Wrong Call”, “Forever” y “Starlight”, ya salieron.


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