BMI Latin Spotlight – April 2022

Posted in News on April 19, 2022

BMI is excited to deliver a brand new round of Latin Spotlights! In this edition, we feature 12 exciting acts who are responsible for the Latin and Regional Mexican songs and beats that keep us moving. Some are performers, some are producers, and some are songwriters—and some are all three—behind some of the biggest hits of the last couple of years, but what they all have in common is the talent and passion for music that makes us so proud to represent them. Stick around to learn more about K4G, Ghetto, Súbelo NEO, CRBRO, Nathan Galante, Musiana, Angélica Gallegos, Alisun, Ana Mancebo, Servando Primera, J Güero and the Wired Sessions, and La Doña.

Be sure to check out our playlist featuring picks from each act’s incredible catalog!