BMI Indie Spotlight: ¿Téo?

Posted in News on July 13, 2023
Photo: Moises Arias

Born in Atlanta, GA, Mateo Arias (¿Téo?) is the son of Colombian parents and was brought up bilingual in Spanish and English. Mateo discovered his love for the arts at an early age and would go on to produce and star in various films. In addition to being in front of the camera, he explored his love of music and soon discovered his voice would lead his creative path in a musical direction, producing original content as young as 10 years old. Mateo’s admiration for his culture and international background deeply influences his music. ¿Téo? has developed a genre that draws elements of Bossa-Nova, Hip Hop, and Alternative, complemented by his very distinct voice; a genre that he and his fans refer to as “Neo-American.” Since the release of his debut single “Uno Dos” in 2017, featuring longtime friend and collaborator Jaden Smith, ¿Téo? has garnered millions of listeners and has captured audiences during his concert tours, including supporting Justin Bieber on his 40+ date Justice Tour in 2022. The tour followed his critically acclaimed sophomore album, Sol, which quickly gained popularity with songs like “Buzzed (feat. Willow Smith)” and “Rrrico.” ¿Téo?’s below-the-radar approach has created a buzz that continues to grow. ¿Téo? recently embarked on his own Sol & Luna tour, including appearances at both weekends of the 2023 Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival, in lead up to the release of his third full length album, Luna, this summer.

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