BMI Indie Spotlight: mmmonika

Posted in News on May 20, 2020

mmmonika is a Los Angeles based band comprised of John DeBold (bass), Gabe Durastanti (guitar), Grant Milliken (keyboard), Nick Velez (drums) and Ryan Yoo (vocals). mmmonika write and produce all their music in house, and their mission is to create happy songs for sad people—as is evident by the signature exclamation point at the end of most of their song titles. The five-piece band have amassed over 43,000 monthly listeners on Spotify, and some of their most popular tracks are “see me on the outside!,” “Unwind Me!” and “Swamp Time!” mmmonika’s latest single, “Don’t Do It,” was released in March, and they are scheduled to tour with Wallows later this year, pending music venues reopening.

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