BMI Indie Spotlight: Lollapalooza 2021

Posted in News on July 20, 2021
Pictured: Serena Isioma
Pictured: Serena Isioma

BMI is back at Lollapalooza and more excited than ever to have 24 talented acts take our stage after a year away. In this special Lolla edition of the BMI Indie Spotlight, we have something for everyone: there will be pure pop, ’70s-inspired funk, modern R&B, thrashing rock, Mexican/Peruvian/American fusion, and fresh takes on the sounds of Nashville. We are immensely proud of our affiliates and are thrilled to continue the tradition of the BMI Stage at Lollapalooza. Be sure to browse BMI’s special Lollapalooza page for specific dates, schedules, and performer bios, then give our Lolla playlist a listen to hear our selections from each exciting artist and band.

Hear it live, so you don’t have to hear about it later! Follow @BMI on Twitter for updates on your favorite acts.

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