BMI Indie Spotlight: Halima

Posted in News on March 15, 2023
Photo: Callum Walker Hutchinson

Halima is a singer/songwriter born in New Jersey and raised by her mother between Lagos and London. Her creativity was evident at an early age when she began taking part in collaborative day camps and community programs intended to foster creativity in theater and music, and she distinctly remembers developing processes for bringing musicians into each other’s orbit. From early explorations of folk and piano to later studies of jazz and R&B, Halima’s career has evolved, making stops in pop-punk, neo-soul, and electronic along the way. Now, her sound unapologetically pulls from a broad musical spectrum, with sonic nods to a more pointed exploration of self. Her 2022 singles “Rent” and “Talk” marked a new artistic era for her, and she has several recent and/or upcoming collaborations with artists and producers like Gianluca Buccellati, Beshken, Hush Forte, and the GRAMMY-winning Mikey Freedom Hart set to be released throughout 2023. Halima’s work has been featured on several Spotify, Apple Music, and Pitchfork playlists, and she has received acclaim from press outlets like The Fader, BBC Radio 1Xtra, Worldwide FM, and more. Outside of her creative work, she is a co-founder and active member of a Brooklyn women’s collective that meets weekly to navigate life in the music industry, practice community therapy, and celebrate chosen family. Halima’s new single, “Vehicle,” is out now.

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