BMI Indie Spotlight: BECCS

Posted in News on October 23, 2023

beccs is a Brooklyn-based indie pop artist hailed as one of NYLON Magazine’s “favorite cool girls,” who is also a John Lennon Songwriting Finalist and an “indie-pop vocalist of astonishing candor,” as noted by the Huffington Post. Holding up a mirror to herself and society at large, beccs confronts and heals audiences with a soul-stirring voice that is as dynamic as it is vulnerable. Blending edgy modern songwriting with her powerful voice, she was featured on The BUILD Series with Monet X Change (RuPaul’s Drag Race) for her queer-inclusive Christmas music video, “Before This Christmas Ends.” beccs just released her latest single, “Good Comin’, “bursting with color, soulful vocals…[and] a hook you won’t get out of your head.” She has also lent her voice and songwriting skills to various other projects, including Matchbox Twenty’s Where The Light Goes, XL Producer Alex Epton’s (Arca, Bjork, FKA Twiggs) Episodic Buffer Vol. 2 EP, and a Nike Japan commercial.

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