BMI Presents ‘Score to Screen’ at 2022 Sundance Film Festival

Featuring conversations with Common and Patrick Warren and Amy Poehler and David Schwartz
This year’s festival premieres films with scores from 20 BMI composers

Posted in News on January 19, 2022

BMI’s programming for the 2022 Sundance Film Festival includes two virtual Score to Screen panels featuring conversations between Common and Patrick Warren and Amy Poehler and David Schwartz. Each discussion gives an inside look at the creative process of incorporating music in film while diving into the relationship between a composer and the film’s director or producer. The festival will be held January 20 - 30 online, and on satellite screens across the country.

Score to Screen Panels

Common & Patrick Warren: Alice

The multi-talented GRAMMY and Academy Award-winning entertainer, Common, along with award-winning composer Patrick Warren, co-produced and curated the music for the drama/thriller Alice. The film tells the story of a brave young woman who escapes a life of slavery on a secluded Georgia plantation, only to realize that not everything is as it seems. Common, who also plays the role of Frank in the film, and Warren open up about how they each came to work on this project, taking viewers into the inner workings of the score for the film, and elaborating on their creative process and beyond. Both the film and Score to Screen conversation premiere on January 23.

Amy Poehler & David Schwartz: Lucy and Desi

Making her documentary directorial debut, Golden Globe and Emmy Award-winning actress Amy Poehler and esteemed Emmy and GRAMMY-nominated composer David Schwartz kick things off with a candid discussion about their work on Lucy and Desi, which chronicles the life of the much beloved Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz. During BMI’s Score to Screen, launching on January 22 to coincide with the film premiere, the pair elaborates on what drew them to the film, how they collaborated to interweave Lucille and Desi’s professional and personal lives and more.

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“We’re thrilled to once again partner with the Sundance Film Festival and present two insightful discussions about music in film, with BMI’s Score to Screen,” said Alex Flores, BMI’s Senior Vice President of Creative. “There are many BMI composers who have scored films premiering at this year’s Festival, and we’re honored to provide a platform and continue our commitment in supporting and highlighting their brilliant work.”

The Sundance Film Festival is premiering films featuring musical works by 20 BMI composers, including Aska Matsumiya (After Yang), Carmen Vandenberg (Bring On The Dancing Horses), Chanda Dancy-Morizawa (Aftershock), Christopher Wong (Maika), Gretchen Jude (Free Chol Soo Lee), Kyle Rodriguez (Work), Marcus Norris (Honk For Jesus. Save Your Soul.), T. Griffin (2nd Chance), Tony Morales (La Guerra Civil) and many others. For some of their thoughts on their scores, please scroll down.

BMI Composers & Their Premiering Films


Aska Matsumiya

After Yang 1/21 11:45 AM MST

Carmen Vandenberg

Bring On The Dancing Horses 1/20 9:00 AM MST

Chanda Dancy-Morizawa

“My goal for this score was to galvanize people to stand up for Black mothers and create positive change.”

Aftershock 1/23 3:45 PM MST

Christopher Wong

“Inspiration for the score came from being a father; this is the first children’s movie I’ve worked on.”

Maika 1/22 9:00 AM MST

Common & Patrick Warren

“Inspiration for this score came from its amazing journey through multiple and diverse musical styles and amazing musicians.”

Alice 1/23 6:00 PM MST

Daniel Bachman

ᎤᏕᏲᏅ (Udeyonv) (What They’ve Been Taught) 1/20 9:00 AM MST

David Schwartz

Lucy and Desi 1/22 9:00 PM MST

Gary Lionelli

“My goal for this score was to emotionally support the immensely tragic and needless loss of two planeloads of people.”

Downfall: The Case Against Boeing 1/21 2:45 PM MST

Gretchen Jude

“Inspiration for this score came from the personage of Chol Soo Lee himself, the need to do him justice.”

Free Chol Soo Lee 1/21 9:30 PM MST

Ian M Colletti

“My goal for this score was to match the unique understated realism of director Hannah Peterson’s casting and directing style.”

Champ 1/20 9:00 AM MST

Jesi Nelson

We Are Here 1/20 8:00 AM

Jim Fairchild & Jacob Snider

“We loved working on this film because Training Wheels presented the perfect opportunity for us to begin scoring collaboratively.”

Training Wheels 1/20 9:00 AM MST

Juan Covarrubias

“My goal for this score was to recreate the magical but spooky atmosphere that family spirits represent in Latin Culture.”

Huella 1/20 9:00 AM MST

Kyle Rodriguez

“My goal for this score was to give the film a musical language that felt honest and unpretentious.”

Work 1/20 9:00 AM MST

Marcus Norris

“My goal for this score was to make the orchestra sound Young, Black, and Cool, in an authentically nuanced way.”

Honk For Jesus. Save Your Soul. 1/23 11:45 AM MST

Nick Chuba

Appendage 1/20 9:00 AM MST

T. Griffin

2nd Chance 1/22 2:45 PM MST

Tony Morales

“Inspiration for this score came from Mexico and Los Angeles. I wanted the music to mirror the iconic rivalry between the legendary boxers, Oscar De La Hoya and Julio Cesar Chavez.”

La Guerra Civil 1/20 5:30 PM MST

For more information and coverage of the Festival, visit BMI’s Sundance Festival page and follow #BMISundance on Twitter and Instagram (@BMI), or stay connected through Facebook.

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