Amy Winehouse Dies

Amy Winehouse died last weekend in London. She was 27 years old.

Posted in News on July 25, 2011

Winehouse channeled 60s soul and girl-group panache into her sophomore release and worldwide breakthrough, Back to Black. Winehouse’s love of old R&B was made new by her unblinking hip-hop edge, which made its way into her arrangements and lyrics alike. She co-wrote the album’s title track with her co-producer Mark Ronson, and other choice cuts including “Me and Mr. Jones” and the ubiquitous “Rehab” were composed by Winehouse alone.

Back to Back helped Winehouse garner five Grammys in 2007, including Best New Artist and Song and Record of the Year. While selling 2.7 million albums and 3.4 million tracks in the United States thus far made her an indisputable commercial success—and her personal struggles made headlines—it is her brief but profound artistic presence that will undoubtedly shape her legacy.

“Amy Winehouse’s sultry vocals often stole the show, but it was her songwriting that laid her sound’s foundation,” says Del Bryant, BMI President & CEO. “Her soulful confidence and pure talent drew all of us in. Amy’s songs will echo in the minds of music’s creators and fans forever.”

Read NPR’s poignant obituary, written by Ann Powers.

Amy Winehouse.

Amy Winehouse is survived by her mother Janis and father Mitch, as well as her brother, Alex. She was a member of PRS for Music; BMI collected royalties on her behalf in the United States.