2003 BMI Pop Awards: Photos

Posted in News on May 13, 2003

BMI's President and CEO, Frances W. Preston; Eddie Holland; Lamont Dozier; Berry Gordy, Jr; & Brian Holland

Dave Benedict, Danny Craig, Dallas Smith and Jeremy Horn

Wade Robson; Barbara Cane; Nigel Rush and songwriter Paul Herman

Barbara Cane; Linda Foster; Frances W. Preston; David Foster and Del Bryant

Innis, Frances W. Preston and Barbara Cane

Barbara Cane; Barry Mann, Cynthia Weill, Frances W. Preston

Alison Smith, Jeff Barry, Cathy Hughes and Jay Cooper

Lauren Christy and Scott Spock

Jaide Fried (Lennon scholarship winner) and Ralph Jackson

Brenda Holloway, Freda Payne, Kim Weston, & Mary Wilson

Berry Gordy, Jr. & Irv Gotti

Mary Wilson & Freda Payne

The Matrix Songwriting Trio: Graham Edwards, Lauren Christy, & Scott Spock

Wade Robson & David Foster

Vanessa Carlton

Mary Wilson (Supremes)

BMI's Fred Cannon, Jade Anderson, & Rep. John Conyers, Jr. (D-MI)

The Funk Brothers



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