2005 BMI Film/TV Awards

Posted in News on May 18, 2005

BMI Richard Kirk Award
Graeme Revell

BMI Spotlight Award
Frank Gari

BMI Classic Contribution Award
Paul Anka: The Tonight Show
Johnny Carson: The Tonight Show
Kevin Eubanks: The Tonight Show

BMI Ringtone Award
Stu Phillips: Knight Rider
Lalo Schifrin: Mission: Impossible

BMI Film Music Awards

Danny Elfman: Spider-Man 2
George Fenton (PRS): Hitch
Michael Giacchino: The Incredibles
Harry Gregson-Williams: Shrek 2, Man On Fire
David Holmes: Ocean’s Twelve
Rolfe Kent (PRS): Mean Girls, Sideways
Harald Kloser: The Day After Tomorrow, Alien Vs Predator
David Newman: Are We There Yet?
Thomas Newman Lemony Snicket’s A Series Of Unfortunate Events
Trevor Rabin: National Treasure
Graeme Revell: Sin City
William Ross: Ladder 49
Theodore Shapiro: Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story
John Williams: Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban
Alex Wurman: Anchorman: The Legend Of Ron Burgundy
Christopher Young: The Grudge
Aaron Zigman: The Notebook
John Williams: The Terminal

Most Performed Song From A Motion Picture

David Bryson: "Accidentally In Love" From Shrek 2
Adam Duritz: "Accidentally In Love" From Shrek 2
David Immergluck: "Accidentally In Love" From Shrek 2
Matthew Malley: "Accidentally In Love" From Shrek 2
Dan Vickrey: "Accidentally In Love" From Shrek 2
Emi Blackwood Music Inc: "Accidentally In Love" From Shrek 2
Jones Falls Music: "Accidentally In Love" From Shrek 2
Songs Of Skg: "Accidentally In Love” From Shrek 2

BMI Television Awards

Pete Townshend (PRS): CSI
John Keane: CSI
Pete Townshend (PRS): CSI: Miami
Kevin Kiner: CSI: Miami
Pete Townshend (PRS): CSI: Ny
Bill Brown: CSI: Ny
Danny Elfman: Desperate Housewives
Steve Bartek: Desperate Housewives
Stewart Copeland: Desperate Housewives
Steve Jablonsky: Desperate Housewives
Martin Davich: E.R.
Dain Blair: Extreme Makeover: Home Edition
Tony Phillips: Extreme Makeover: Home Edition
Carim Clasmann: Grey’s Anatomy
Galia Durant: Grey’s Anatomy
Robert Del Naja (PRS): House
Grantley Marshall (PRS): House
Andrew Vowles (PRS): House
Michael Fratantuno: Joey
James Khoury: Joey
Terence Yoshiaki: Joey
William Adams: Joey
Floyd I. Gaugh: Joey
Bradley Nowell: Joey
Lindon Roberts: Joey
Eric Wilson: Joey
Mac Davis: Las Vegas
Charlie Clouser: Las Vegas
Mike Post : Law & Order: Svu
Mike Post : Law & Order
Mike Post : Law & Order: Ci
Mike Post: Law & Order: Trial By Jury
Michael Giacchino: Lost
Mychael Danna: Medium
Jeff Beal: Medium
Joseph Conlan: Ncis
Joseph Vitarelli: Revelations
Kenneth Gamble: The Apprentice 2
Leon Huff: The Apprentice 2
Anthony Jackson: The Apprentice 2
Jeff Lippencott: The Apprentice 2
Mark T. Williams: The Apprentice 2
Chuck Lorre: Two And A Half Men
Kenneth Gamble: The Apprentice 3
Leon Huff: The Apprentice 3
Anthony Jackson: The Apprentice 3
Jeff Lippencott: The Apprentice 3
Mark T. Williams: The Apprentice 3
John Keane: The Amazing Race 7
Christopher Franke: The Amazing Race 7
Lee Sanders: The Amazing Race 7
W. G. Snuffy Walden: West Wing
Peter Manning Robinson: Without A Trace

BMI Cable Awards

Matt Koskenmaki: American Chopper
Bob Israel: Larry King Live
John Reid: Newlyweds: Nick & Jessica
James Levine: Nip/Tuck
Ronald Strykert: Outback Jack
Daniel Radlauer: Outback Jack
Adam Zelkind: Outback Jack
Ray Ketchem: Queer As Folk
Thomas Newman: Six Feet Under
Richard Marvin: Six Feet Under
Danny Pelfrey: Strong Medicine
Steve Hampton: Suite Life Of Zack & Cody
Gary Scott: Suite Life Of Zack & Cody
Tim P.: The 4400
Stephen R. Phillips: The 4400
George S. Clinton: The 4400
Claude Foisy: The 4400
John Van Tongeren: The 4400
Phil Garrod: The O’reilly Factor
Reed Hays: The O’reilly Factor
Scott Schreer: The O’reilly Factor
Daniel Radlauer: The Surreal Life
Adam Zelkind: The Surreal Life
David Gipson: Trading Spaces
Jim Johnston: Wwe Entertainment
Britney Spears: Zoey 101
Michael Corcoran: Zoey 101

Emmy Award Winners

Wes Boatman: Passions
John Henry Kreitler: Passions
Ed O’Donnell: Passions
John Henry Kreitler: “I Ain’t Sorry” From Passions
Pete T. Rich: “I Ain’t Sorry” From Passions
Harry Connick, Jr.: “Only You” In Concert (Great Performances)
Velton Ray Bunch: Star Trek: Enterprise “Similitude”
Eddy Free: “Because You Are Beautiful” From “Until The Violence Stops”



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