2007 John Lennon Scholarship: David Smits

Posted in News on May 3, 2007

David Smits has had a passion for performance ever since he started learning music. Though he has played with many groups over the years, he did not begin composing his own songs until he graduated from high school. The 21-year-old singer/songwriter is now a junior in the College of Music at the University of Colorado, Boulder. Though proficient in other instruments, David’s primary training has been in classical piano with interests in jazz, pop, and rock. The inspiration for his songs is drawn from his personal experience and observation of the world around him. His ultimate goal is not only to write and perform his own music, but to also participate in the recording and production process. Most of his free time is spent collaborating with his brother, an audio engineer, in their studio in Denver, Colorado.

The song Overrated parodies the inebriated social scene he has witnessed during his college life. Its original title, alcohol.EDU, was inspired by an online alcohol class he was required to take as an entering freshman at the University of Colorado.