BMI Celebrates at Tejano Music Conference

Posted in News on August 25, 2006
BMI's Delia Orjuela and Diane Almodovar were on hand to celebrate Latin music and the Tejano movement at the Tejano Music Convention in Las Vegas. The event, which took place at the Hilton Hotel, served as a "meeting ground" for the Tejano music industry and its national fan-base to discuss current issues, trends, and set forth a platform that will work towards the growth of Tejano music.

BMI's Delia Orjuela, BMI's Diane, the Legends' Sunny Ozuna, Porfirio Pina

BMI's Porfirio Pina and Delia Orjuela, the Legends' Jose Roberto Martinez and BMI's Diane Almodovar  

BMI's Diane Almodovar, Grupo Fama's Javier Galvan, and BMI's Delia Orjuela and Porfirio Pina 

BMI's Porfirio and Delia Orjuela, the Legends' Freddie Martinez Sr. and BMI's Diane Almodovar