BMI Signs Singing Sensation Lisa Lavie

Posted in News on August 7, 2006
Canadian vocal sensation Lisa Lavie stopped by BMI's Los Angeles office to sign up for performing rights representation and meet with BMI President & CEO Del Bryant and Vice President & Los Angeles GM Barbara Cane.

Shown (l to r) are: BMI's Del Bryant and Barbara Cane (in back), Lisa Lavie, and Ben Margulies. Photo by Ellen S. Ratner

Lavie is the latest discovery of Grammy Award-winning songwriter/producer Ben Margulies, who played a major part in breaking Mariah Carey by co-writing her first three record-breaking No. 1 singles -- "Vision of Love," "Love Takes Time," "Someday" -- which launched her worldwide success.

Margulies and Lavie are currently finishing tracks for her forthcoming debut. The first completed song, "If I Only Knew," appears on the soundtrack to the Jeff Bridges movie, Stick It.