The Color Purple

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If you take the story of a woman who is a strong believer in hope and love, and through these beliefs receives the strength to overcome her fears and hardships, add just the right amount of music — blending gospel, jazz, ragtime and blues — you come out with a great musical.

And that musical is The Color Purple.

After reading the Pulitzer Prize-winning novel by Alice Walker, show producer Scott Sanders felt strongly that The Color Purple should be brought to life on stage. After working effortlessly for eight years and building creative and production teams, Sanders’ dream has become a reality.

Quincy Jones, producer of the film version of The Color Purple 20 years ago, and Oprah Winfrey, who was cast then by Jones to play Sophia, are both excited to add their names as producers. Both Jones and Winfrey share Sanders’ vision of The Color Purple as a musical celebration of life.

The show’s music and lyrics were written by BMI composers Brenda Russell and Allee Willis, along with Stephen Bray, a collaboration that brings together three creative minds to capture the very essence of what The Color Purple is all about — the story of hope and love — alive on Broadway.

Brenda Russell, a singer/songwriter whose lyrics are as smooth as her caramel voice, states that she “never writes songs that are without hope.” Grammy Award-winning songwriter Allee Willis’s talents go way beyond anyone’s imagination. “I’ve probably worked with a thousand people, and this is the best collaboration I’ve ever been involved in,” she says about working with Russell and Bray.

With the ingredients of a great story, compelling music by three amazing composers, and an incredible cast and production team, The Color Purple is destined to be one of the hottest tickets on Broadway.


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