Songwriter Jessi Colter Joins BMI Staffers at Team Retreat

Posted in News on November 2, 2005
Members of the BMI Media Relations team played host to singer/songwriter Jessi Colter at a recent staff retreat held in Arizona. Colter spoke about her long history with BMI, songwriting and her new record set to be released in January on Shout Factory! Records.

Discovered in her teens by her future first husband rockabilly guitarist Duane Eddy, Colter wrote and recorded a string of successful songs, including 1961's "Lonesome Road," which Eddy produced, "No Sign of the Living" for Dottie West, the Colter/Eddy duet single "Guitar on My Mind" and the 1975 hit "I'm Not Lisa."

BMI singer/songwriter Jessi Colter (center in hat) is welcomed by the BMI Media Relations team: Kay Clary (Nashville), Jerry Bailey (Nashville), Ellen Ratner (Los Angeles), Brian Tipton (Nashville), Robbin Ahrold (New York), Liane Mori (Los Angeles) and Hanna Pantle (Los Angeles).

After divorcing Eddy, Colter married country legend Waylon Jennings and eventually released the successful Wanted! The Outlaws, a collaboration with Jennings, Willie Nelson and Tompall Glaser and the first Nashville album to sell a million copies. Her best-known duets with Jennings are "Suspicious Minds" and her soothing composition "Storms Never Last."

In later years, she let her recording career slip, but remained part of Jennings' stage show. In the '90s, she began writing and performing children's music. She sang on Jennings' live album in 2000, two years before he died, and added a new version of "Storms Never Last" to a Jennings tribute album in 2003. That same year, Capitol Records released the retrospective The Very Best of Jessi Colter: An Outlaw...A Lady.


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