2004 Sundance Composers Lab

Posted in News on October 21, 2004
The 7th Annual Sundance Institute Composers Lab was recently held in Sundance, Utah, and BMI was on-hand to lend support. This year's Composers Lab Fellows were Peter Fitzpatrick, Aiko Fukushima, Joseph Julian Gonzalez, Gary Louris, Raz Mesinai and Frank Macchia. During the two-week lab, Fellows participated in workshops and creative exercises under the guidance of leading film composers and film music professionals. The Composers Lab participants also collaborated with filmmakers from the Sundance Institute Feature Film Program to explore the process of writing music for film and to create accompanying scores for scenes shot by the Filmmaker Fellows during the Institute's Filmmakers Lab.

Sundance creative advisors include Director of the Sundance Institute's Film Music Program Peter Golub, BMI composer Osvaldo Golijov, BMI's Doreen Ringer Ross, Sundance Institute's Ken Brecher, BMI composer Thomas Newman and music editor Bll Bernstein.

The Composers Lab is a major component of the Sundance Institute Film Music Program, which is dedicated to supporting emerging film composers and enhancing the role of music in independent film. First offered from 1986-1989, the Composers Lab was re-introduced in the summer of 1998 to provide a collaborative and supportive environment in which composers can experiment and expand their musical language. The Composers Lab provides valuable first-hand experience in composing for film and enhances the musical understanding of independent filmmakers participating in the Sundance Institute Feature Film Program.

(Bottom row) Scott Johnson, Aiko Fukishima, Michelle Satter, Peter Golub, (middle row) Rolfe Kent, Gary Louris, Pete Fitzpatrick, Doreen Ringer Ross, Doug Murray, Larin Sullivan, and (top row) Joseph Gonzalez, Mark Waters, Kieran Mulroney, Zoe Hopkins, Richard Press, Jeff Beal and Kazuo Ohno.

Standing are Sundance Fellows Peter Fitzpatrick, Gary Louris, Aiko Fukushima, and Raz Mesinai, and BMI's Doreen Ringer Ross. Seated are Sundance Fellow Joseph Gonzalez and Creative Advisors Jeff Beal, Robert Messinger and Evyen Klean.

Pictured in the lab are Sundance Fellow Peter Fitzpatrick, Technical Director Scott Johnson, BMI composer and creative advisor Ed Shearmer, and Sundance Fellows Aiko Fukushima, Joseph Julian Gonzalez and Gary Louris.

(Top row) Documentary filmmakers Mercedes Moncada and Raed Andoni, Creative Advisor John Else, Sundance Fellow Peter Fitzpatrick, Sundance Institute Film Music Program Director Peter Golub; (middle row) Documentary Filmmakers Mark Becker and Hank Rogerson, Sundance Fellows Raz Mesinai and Frank Maccia, Creative Advisor John Adams, Sundance staff Diane Weyermann, Creative Advisor Orlando Bagwell; (bottom row) Technical Director Scott Johnson, Sundance Fellow Joseph Gonzalez, Sundance staff members Meredith Lavitt and Anna Proulx, Creative Advisor Camara Kambon, and Sundance Fellows Gary Louris and Aiko Fukushima.