New on the Charts Offers Trial Subscription to BMI Writers

Posted in News on December 10, 2003
New On The Charts, a monthly subscription-based publication that features the most up-to-date professional contact information in the industry, is now offering a two-month trial subscription including complete Internet access to registered BMI songwriters and composers. This exclusive trial offer is available to all registered affiliates through BMI's Platinum Privileges. After the two-month period, BMI affiliates may continue the service for $365 per year or cancel the subscription.

Established in 1976 and now online, New on the Charts features artist, producer, publisher, record label, management and booking agency contact info including email and website address, as well as listings of film and TV projects looking for music, artists going in the studio who need songs, and international master licensing and subpublishing deals. The searchable online directory includes the latest music videos with contact information for audio producers, personal managers, video producers and an A&R directory.

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