BMI is Overcome by ‘The Impossible’

Posted in News on November 21, 2002
A crowd gathered at BMI Nashville to commemorate the #1 triumph of Joe Nichols' first single "The Impossible." Featured on Nichols' debut Universal South album Man With A Memory, the chart-topper was written by Lee Thomas Miller and Kelley Lovelace, produced by Brent Rowan and published by Mosaic Music. "The Impossible" is also the first #1 for Miller, a long-time Nashville session guitarist who previously has had songs recorded by BlackHawk ("Days Of America"), Billy Yates ("I Smell Smoke") and Ken Mellons ("Bundle Of Nerves").

Universal South's Bryan Switzer, Mosaic Music's Tim Hunze, Universal South's Tony Brown, Mosaic Music's Lisa Ramsey, Joe Nichols, Universal South's Tim DuBois, Lee Thomas Miller, BMI's David Preston

Joe Nichols and Radio & Records' Lon Helton

Mosaic Music's Nancy Tuck and Lisa Ramsey, Joe Nichols, Lee Thomas Miller, Mosaic Music's Tim Hunze and Amy Shepherd

Lee Thomas Miller, Joe Nichols, Jana Miller

Lee Thomas Miller, Kelly Lovelace, Amy Dalley, BMI's Perry Howard, Leigh Reynolds