IFP Film Market

Posted in News on October 15, 2002
BMI hosted a panel at the recent IFP Film Market in New York, as well as a luncheon at the United Nations following the IFP. BMI’s Doreen Ringer Ross moderated the panel, which focused on music in film. The luncheon was organized by BMI’s Linda Livingston and was an interactive roundtable with U.N. delegates and members of the film music creative community to discuss how to promote the work the U.N. does with human rights, the environment and helping children in war-torn countries.

Shown at the IFP panel are: Jon McHugh, Jive Records; Michael Babcock, Zomba; David Mansfield, composer; BMI's Doreen Ringer Ross; Maggie Greenwald, Director; Tracy McKnight, music supervisor; and Marc Jacobson, attorney.

Shown at the United Nations luncheon are (front row): Dr. Noel Brown, United Nations Delegate; Audrey Kitagawa, United Nations Advisor; Irv Sarnoff and Pera Wells, United Nations. (Standing): Janice Ginsberg, producer/music supervisor; David Mansfield, composer; Fiona Fitzherbert Harris, Violence Policy Center; BMI's Doreen Ringer Ross; Jeff Kimball, writer/producer; BMI's Linda Livingston; Jon McHugh, Jive Records; Tracy McKnight, music supervisor: Art Ford, music publisher; Will Calhoun, musician; Randall Scerbo, documentarian; Carolyn Smith Bryant, writer; Jim Farmer, composer; Ron Sadoff, NYU; Ina Meibach, attorney/producer; Beth Rosenblatt, music supervisor; Meira Blaustein, Woodstock Film Festival; Andrew Blauner, literary agent; and BMI's Ray Yee.