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Penetrating your cranium with all the subtlety of a rotary saw, hard rockers Adema have created a niche with their harmonic "nu metal" melodies and concussion-inducing rhythms. Not only does the band hail from the same Bakersfield, California breeding ground that spawned Korn, Adema actually shares bloodlines with their celebrated hometown heroes. Adema frontman Mark Chavez is actually the half-brother of Korn singer Jonathan Davis.

Pedigree notwithstanding, the members o Adema have made a name for themselves by injecting songs like "Freaking Out," "Everyone" and "Blow It Away" with generous doses of pop-inspired musicianship. Alternative Press magazine described the band's self-titled debut album "nu metal that . . . replaces nail-on-a-chalkboard screaming with actual harmonies and melodies." Echoing such sentiments, Spin magazine opined: "Adema commercialize the Korn sound with two new accessories: hooks and looks."

Adema was formed from the ashes of two popular Bakersfield metal acts, Juice and SexArt. After a year of rehearsing, the band recorded demos so impressive that two-dozen record labels competed for their services. A victorious Arista Records sequestered the band in a Northern California cabin, and these intensive writing sessions resulted in the material featured on the band's debut album.

Co-produced by Wallflowers guitarist Tobias Miller and Bill Appleberry, Adema's album is a hard-fought labor of love. "We put a lot of pressure on ourselves to come up with an honest record," Chavez told Revolver magazine. "We wanted to make the music - not who I'm related to - the issue."

Judging from the rave reviews they've received, Adema can consider their mission accomplished.