Charlie Daniels

Posted in News on December 10, 2001

Blue Hat Records recently hosted a 65th birthday bash and album release party for Charlie Daniels at BMI Nashville. The Live Record, his 44th album to date, is the first live Charlie Daniels Band recording to be released without the "Volunteer Jam" moniker. Opening the festivities, BMI's Paul Corbin read a congratulatory letter from BMI President & CEO Frances Preston. Daniels' booking agent Steve Hauser of the William Morris Agency followed by sharing a list of facts and figures with the crowd: in Daniels' 15 years with William Morris, he has traveled 1.5 million+ miles, sold more than 5 million concert tickets, and raised more than $1million for charity. Billboard's Wade Jessen and Deborah Evans Price presented Daniels with a memento of his 30-plus years on Billboard's chart, Sony Music offered a plaque signifying Daniels' 13 million album sales and Gibson Guitars gave him a Les Paul guitar. David Corlew, Daniels' manager and President of Blue Hat Records, roused laughter when he handed Daniels his first social security check. The crowd sang "Happy Birthday," led by longtime Charlie Daniels Band backup singer Carolyn Corlew. Daniels cut the first piece from his large chocolate birthday cake, which was topped with an American flag and a fiddle.


photos: Alan Mayor


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