Thousands Gather for Music Conference in Toronto

Posted in News on November 9, 2000

From November 1-5, some 3,000 individuals from over a dozen academic organizations gathered in Toronto, Canada as part of "Toronto 2000: Musical Intersections" to deliver papers and other presentations on every possible form of music. So large was the meeting that it was held in two adjacent hotels with as many ten concurrent panels at one time! The subjects ranged from Bach to Bop, Ravel to Rap and all points in between.

Panelists from "When Technology and Music Intersect: Consequences and Concerns" (l-r): Steve Jones, University of Illinois, Chicago; Kai Fikentscher, Hunter College; Sanjek; Paul Fischer, Middle Tennessee State University; and Paul Theberge, University of Western Ontario.

Dr. David Sanjek, Director of the BMI Archives, attended the meeting and delivered a paper as part of the panel "When Technology And Music Intersect: Consequences and Concerns." He chaired another panel entitled "I'll Take Beat and I'll Flip It: Digital Sampling in Hip Hop." He was also part of the meeting as a member of the U.S. Chapter of the International Association for the Study of Popular Music (I.A.S.P.M.), on which he served as chair from 1995-98 and just completed a two-year term as Vice President.

Panelists from "I'll Take A Beat and I'll Flip It: Understanding Digital Sampling in Hip-Hop" (l-r): Joe Schloss, University of Virginia; Sanjek; and Ryan Snyder, University of Michigan.
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